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SAP Business One Financial Basics Part 1: Module Overview

SAP Business One Finance

As an accountant, controller or CFO, maintaining strict control over your businesses financials is crucial to its success. Without a sound accounting and financial control systems, formulating your businesses future strategic and tactical direction would pose a challenge. With the help of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP Business One, businesses are equipped with the tools that support the accounting and financial processes across all areas of your business. From general ledger creation and automatic journal entry postings, to scenario based budgeting and customization financial reporting, SAP Business One has everything to ensure your books are always balanced.

Moving to the Cloud? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Go It Alone

Moving to the Cloud? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Go It Alone

As more and more small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) explore the benefits of the cloud, many have already realized a fast, efficient, and cost effective deployment option for business software. But beyond offering an alternative to traditional on premise solutions, the cloud offers a strategic platform for innovation and a new engagement model for your customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Indeed, companies that embrace the cloud, have the advantage of deploying their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution via reliable web service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS); giving them added freedom to experiment with new technologies that were once beyond their reach. With a more flexible technical infrastructure offered by the cloud, companies gain the ability to adapt to the demands of today’s ever changing market much more quickly.

Despite the shift to the cloud, SMEs nonetheless rely on implementation partners to help them navigate the implementation process. Indeed, moving to the cloud with the right partner can save your company time, money, and effort. Here’s how:

Predicting Your Next Business Move with SAP Business One HANA

chess piece

There is a growing trend for small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) to look to predictive analytics to find new ways to become more competitive. As a basic example of the benefit and application of predicative analytics, consider an online retailer. With an online shopping cart system that leverages predictive analytics, the company can provide product recommendations and associated upsell offers based on a customeres previous purchasing behavior. However outside of this scenario, the positive benefit and application of predictive analytics available to SAP Business One HANA users are numerous.

It Starts With a Vision: How SAP Business One Can Help You Realize a Profitable Business Solution

comp gears

Maximizing profitability is a chief concern of growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs). However, choosing the right solution to better manage growth first requires a clear vision. By taking note of the symptoms of an out-complexed business application, SMEs can begin to define how their business can run better - and be more profitable.

SAP Business One Basics for Sales pt. 4: A/R Invoice

SAP Business One Sales Process: AR Invoice

While it can be said that the delivery of goods or services to the customer is the final stage in the sales process, there is however a subsequent step that sales professionals must take in order to finalize a sale. This step involves the creation of an A/R invoice and the posting of a payment to SAP Business One. By issuing an A/R invoice you are requesting a payment from the customer which in turn is then received and posted to the customers Master Data record.

Approaching Cloud-based SAP Business One Deployment with a Clear View

cloud reach

Many growing organizations today face business challenges that demand alternative approaches to on-premise software deployments. Managed cloud as a service may provide a better fit for growing small to midsized businesses who are considering the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution such as SAP Business One.

How Traceability Compliance Leads to Profitability in SAP Business One


With so much at stake, regulators have worked tirelessly to improve safety measures and compliance for food manufacturers and distributors. Growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) in the produce industry realize they need to implement new processes and technologies to help avoid these risks in the supply chain. Food traceability technology in SAP Business One is one approach to bridging the gap between safety and compliance, and is becoming a critical part of guarding the food supply chain.

Basics of SAP Business One for Sales Pt.3: Delivery

SAP Business One Delivery

For any sales professional, there is no better feeling than closing a deal and seeing a satisfied customer with your product in hand. However, once the deal is done, you have to deliver! Luckily for small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) SAP Business One provides support for the entire sales process, including delivery.

Basics of SAP Business One for Sales Pt.2: Sales Orders

SAP Business One Sales Order

The Sales Order (Sales -> A/R -> Sales Order) is the second part in the buying process and represents the point at which a customer or sales opportunity has agreed on all or some of the terms in the Sales Quotation. As described in the Basics of SAP Business One for Sales Pt.1: Sales Quotations, the purpose of a Sales Quotation is to gather information and to gauge a buyer’s interest in purchasing your products and services. A Sales Quotation is not a legal binding document and can be nullified at any point in time. A Sales Order on the other hand, represents a customers or prospects commitment to purchase your businesses products and services and can be a legally binding document where the buyer is liable for the goods and services ordered.

How SAP Business One Provides Intelligent Dashboard Functionality

SAP Business One Dashboard

When an employee sits down to complete a task, how much time is spent sifting through cabinets of folders, menu screens and different software programs? Particularly in growing organizations, your systems are becoming cluttered and it can become extremely difficult to zero in on the appropriate information.

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