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In this episode of the Connected Enterprise, host Carl Lewis is joined by Judith Tigner to discuss ways that technology can help you to keep your customers happy and your business operational while working remotely.  

Judith is the vice president of client services at Mitratech, a leading provider of enterprise legal matter management solutions. She explains that the company’s goal is to understand a client’s business problems and find the right enterprise software solutions to meet their needs. Mitratech is an international organization with offices in the US, UK, Australia, and India – just to name a few. Judith is currently based in Austin, Texas.  

Maintaining customer relationships and business continuity are top of mind with many of their clients right now. Regardless of if you’re working from your home office or your regular officepeople need access to documents, tools, information to do their jobs. And most importantly, they need the appropriate security to make sure everything remains protected.  

Almost overnight, entire offices transitioned to a remote workforce. That sudden change has uncovered gaps in service and technology for many of businesses. And that’s exactly how Mitratech supports their customers.   

Another challenge people are facing is distraction - whether it be from the family you share your home with, the ever-evolving news coverage, or the well-intentioned instant messaging platforms that are keeping teams connected these days. Among all of that, you still have KPIs, goals, and important projects that you need to keep up with. You also have key decision makers in organizations wrapped up in the logistical issues of employees working from home. There’s a lot going on! 

As regions start to open back up again, Judith believe that it’ll be important for us to have permanent options in place for those who wish to continue working from home. It’s unlikely that things will just spring back to the way they were and businesses will need to accommodate for the changing needs of employees.  

Catch the full episode of the Connected Enterprise with Judith Tigner by clicking the button below. Listen along as Carl and Judith discuss:  

    • The biggest challenges businesses face when implementing a new technology and how to overcome them 

    • Balancing distractions 

    • Maintaining customer relationships while working remotely

    • The top software implementations businesses are looking for 

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