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Tips for a smarter and faster financial close

Posted by Cherry Hidjaja on Wed, Nov 22, 2017 @ 04:09 PM
Newsletter_Accounting_Image.jpgWhether it be a monthly close or a year-end close, many accountants would agree that it can be a bit of a dread.

How can it not be?

With long hours, payments to chase and arduous paperwork that come with the process, no wonder the financial close process is often seen as chaotic, labor-intensive and stress-inducing for accounting managers and their team.

But did you know that painful closings is a sign of inadequate accounting systems - systems that make your life harder, not easier. 

Watch this video clip to see a sneak peek of our Tips and Tricks for a Smarter and Faster Financial Close.

Watch the full webinar as we discuss:

  • Common challenges when performing a financial close
  • Tips and tricks for better reconciliation
  • Typical reporting requirements for period-end
  • Security and control considerations when closing a financial period

Most importantly, this webinar will give you food for thought as to how organizations like yours can transform financial closings from a cumbersome and stressful process into a competitive advantage for business management.

Watch the Webinar

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