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It’s become clear that mobile technology in retail is no passing phase; however, it is an important tool that can help retailers manage their stores more effectively. Mobile POS connects retailers with customers in new ways, paving the way to sell anywhere. What’s more, these systems provide options that weren’t feasible previously.

Here are some of the key benefits of a mobile point of sale system.

  1. Special Sales Anywhere In Your Store

Using mobile POS means you can consider innovative ways to drive sales in various parts of the store. You may want to hold a demo to promote a new product. Once you get customers excited and wanting to buy, you can make the sale on the spot.

  1. Convenient Return Station

As a retailer, you’re going to deal with some level of returns from your customers, especially during busier seasons. A mobile POS can help avoid back-ups at the checkout counters due to returns while sales staff can work with customers on a more personal level to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Email Receipts

Whether you want to support green initiatives or simply get more organized, consumers seem to be requesting receipts be provided digitally. Mobile POS offers quick email receipt capabilities to improve the customer experience.

  1. Adding Customers to File

By providing email receipts, you can also ask customers for their email addresses to build your database for future marketing efforts. If you’re just starting out with collecting customer information, use the mobile POS to get details during or after a sale, anywhere in the store.

  1. Use POS Where It’s Needed

If you have more than one store, share your mobile devices across locations so they can be used where and when needed. You may want to hold a special weekend flash sale at one location that will see a drive in traffic for a few days. Bring devices from other stores to help manage the crowds and bust lines without having to worry about software licensing and single locations.

A mobile POS strategy allows retailers greater flexibility to leverage the power of a modern retail management system while using the convenience of mobile devices to run their store, connect with customers and sell from any location.

For more information about Mobile POS and how it would benefit your retail company, download the SAP Business One for Retail brochure.

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