November 21, 2023

How SAP Food and Beverage Solution Supports the Food Industry

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SAP Business One for Food and Beverage


According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), US consumers, businesses, and government entities spent $2.39 trillion on food and beverages in grocery stores and other retailers and on away-from-home meals in 2022.

Businesses in the food and beverage industry can attest that thin margins, continued innovation in manufacturing processes, and stricter regulations present challenges in our global economy.

Growing small and midsized food and beverage manufacturing companies must quickly adapt to changes in demand, navigate supply chain disruptions, and improve production management—and with the help of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, many are succeeding.

What Is a Cloud ERP Solution?

Cloud ERP for food and beverage connects every process to effectively run a successful business—including accounting and financials, inventory and distribution, production and MRP, project and resource management, sales and service, purchasing and operations, and management and administration.

Cloud ERP creates a more agile and cost-effective operational function by reducing the need for hardware and storage and providing more scalable and easily automated processes. The cloud also gives you secure access to your data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Which Cloud ERP Solutions Support Food and Beverage?

SAP is a global leader in business solutions for small and midsized businesses (SMBs), with multiple options that meet businesses’ needs in every industry. As a technology pioneer, SAP has designed some of the most robust cloud ERP solutions available.

SAP’s go-to cloud ERP solution for the midmarket, SAP Business One, is trusted by over 77,000 companies, with over 1.2 million users running it in 170 countries.

SAP Business One checks all the boxes for food and beverage manufacturing companies:

SAP Business One for Food and Beverage

Here are a few ways SAP Business One supports the food and beverage industry.

Clear Traceability

SAP cloud ERP solutions provide instant visibility of your whole process, from farm to fork. Track your products as they leave the warehouse and enter the supply chain, automate and streamline collaboration with thousands of stakeholders, respond quickly to changing regulations, share your non-standardized data with supply chain vendors, and—most importantly—effectively manage recalls while maintaining daily operations.

Complete Stock Visibility

Aiming to reduce waste while streamlining inventory, SAP Business One offers new depths of stock control. With advanced forecasting, SAP Business One helps you predict future requirements and hold less stock, resulting in more dynamic inventory. Shelf life, inspection dates, and batch characteristics are maintained in a central platform.

Maximized Quality

From purchase goods receipt through customer delivery, SAP Business One ensures quality control checks are conducted throughout the production process to keep your quality control at its highest level across the business.

Reduced Production Downtime

SAP Business One increases the productivity of your entire production process. User-friendly systems provide powerful scheduling capabilities, improve order management, optimize production, minimize downtime, and—most importantly—maximize and grow your revenue.

Learn More About SAP Business One for Food and Beverage

The global food and beverage market is a multitrillion-dollar industry undergoing a significant transformation.

The key to keeping up with advancing technology is adopting a solution designed to give food and beverage manufacturers greater transparency, efficiency, and supply chain visibility.

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“SAP Business One has saved us a lot of time, energy, and money by keeping us efficient and on track.” – Becky Betty, director of Sales and Merchandising at The Fruit Company

“SAP Business One is a tool for decision-making. It’s knowledge in one source and one database. It will be what sets us apart from our competition.” – Rafael Benavides, project manager at Intermex Foods

“We need to track our product batch codes, and SAP allows us to do that.” – Donna Lam, executive operation manager at Huy Fong Foods USA