March 25, 2021

How Vision33’s Saltbox Meets the Need for Connection During a Global Pandemic


Blog > How Vision33’s Saltbox Meets the Need for Connection During a Global Pandemic


In 1901, Italian physicist and radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi sent the first successful long-distance radio transmission from North America to Europe, proving it was possible to communicate across vast distances – even across an ocean. This feat took place only a couple of miles from Vision33 headquarters, located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, from the Signal Hill, National historic site. Today the location stands to commemorate the communications triumph as well as breathtaking views of that the Atlantic Ocean. While many discoveries about radio transmission were years away, this piece of history reminds us how human ingenuity solved a human problem: the need to exchange information in a global world.

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic and its widespread reach highlight the need for businesses to stay connected. This time, enterprise technology is solving the problem by integrating existing applications within your enterprise.

The Enterprise Technology Tipping Point

COVID-19 presents many global business challenges, including supply and demand fluctuations, operations restrictions, and limited mobility for the workforce and public. Businesses have accelerated enterprise technology investments to overcome these challenges.

A COVID-19 survey published by McKinsey, a worldwide management consulting firm, describes this accelerated technology adoption phenomenon and attributes it to the need to remain competitive in the new business and economic environment.

Businesses are changing how they operate by adopting new processes and filling gaps in their existing processes with innovative enterprise technology through a strategic business process known as digital transformation.

Integrating your applications and connecting them to your core business management solution is essential for exchanging information. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from basic radio transmission; businesses have access to multiple integration applications to make these connections between their enterprise technology investments. Today, companies use integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) – integration technology that gives you flexibility without sacrificing functionality and provides seamless data communication across a suite of applications.

Vision33’s Saltbox IPaaS Platform

The Saltbox Platform is Vision33’s born-in-the-cloud iPaaS solution for enterprise integration, workflow, and collaboration between business applications. Saltbox keeps an open line of data transmission between your applications and your business and:

  • Offers flexibility you can’t get from point-to-point integration solutions
  • Allows you to choose – and change – which applications to integrate
  • Provides visual data mapping with simple drag-and-drop functions
  • Keeps a human involved in workflows or automates the data connection process
  • Frees up time to focus on innovation, business processes, and customer service
  • Offers endless options for connectivity between your vital applications
  • Allows Vision33 to create custom endpoint connections for any application developed by your business

Learn More About Saltbox

While the need to communicate and exchange data is constant, technology innovation is not. As your business needs change and you require additional enterprise technology, integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) provide an ideal way to keep systems connected.  Take your enterprise technology knowledge to the next level by signing up for free access to Vision33’s Resource Center, an extensive  library of enterprise technology content including informative brochures about Saltbox.

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