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SAP Business One Success stories
In an industry where demand fluctuates, and product offerings vary, stock management is essential to furniture manufacturers. Made-to-order, custom furniture is synonymous with the industry as customers want unique pieces with certain specifications. Beds and mattresses for example can have many variations such as frame size, headboard design and mattress material. Products in the furniture manufacturing industry can have hundreds and thousands of bills of materials, making it difficult for businesses to manage.

Emerald Home Furnishings was no stranger to this challenge. With multiple locations, and hundreds of products, they needed to get a handle on their inventory control. On pace to do a $100 million in the next year, they required a system that could help manage this expected growth. To do so they needed to track their inventory from the minute raw material entered their facility to the time it went out the door as a finished product. Disparate systems and manual data entry could no longer manage the sheer amount of product variations involved with their operations.

Moving to an ERP Solution 

With the implementation of SAP Business One, Emerald Home Furnishings is now equipped to handle not only their inventory, but also their growth. Using the solutions product configurator, they are able to better determine what they have in stock, what they have on order and what they have on schedule to be delivered . The product configurator eliminates the need of manual data entry of bills of materials and SKUs, reducing errors in stock management and product pricing. By knowing exactly what they have at all times, they’re able to accurately quote customers - ultimately improving their level of service.

Watch the Emerald Home Furnishings SAP Business One Success Story

Watch the Emerald Home Furnishings SAP Business one success story and learn more about their decision to adopt SAP Business One. Find out how the solution has helped them run their bespoke operations by improving their inventory management, production planning and customer service.

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