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Every Vision33 customer that has moved from QuickBooks to SAP Business One was looking for a new system that would improve operational efficiencies and give them the competitive edge they needed. Facing common challenges like limited operational visibility, lack of reporting capabilities and slow system performance – they all reached a point where QuickBooks could no longer meet the needs of their company.

If you are considering moving from QuickBooks to SAP Business One, read through our customer success stories below to find out the difference between QuickBooks vs SAP Business One, why they chose to migrate solutions, and what impact SAP Business One has had in their business so far.




David Leadbetter Golf

Global golf academy brand with 25 locations around the world

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Limited visibility into inventory and revenue streams
  • Data entry into disparate systems
  • Identifying new opportunities

SAP Business One Success: 

  • Ability to value and count inventory efficiently
  • Real-time access to company data
  • More efficient management of academies

humangear Case Study

Rapidly expanding product design and manufacturing start-up

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Inventory management
  • Need for remote access
  • No in-house IT maintenance

SAP Business One Success: 

  • Scalable business solution
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Secure access to application anywhere



Crocker Ventures Case Study

Private investment firm in the Life Science Industry

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Accounting compliance
  • Inventory visibility
  • Integration of 3 business lines

SAP Business One Success: 

  • Complete accounting compliance
  • Database consistency, inventory tracking

Tundra Solutions Case Study 

Multidivisional Distributor in the Oil & Gas Industry

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Multiple unintegrated applications
  • Manual processes
  • No support for manufacturing and project management

SAP Business One Success:  

  • Improved visibility into warehouse processes
  • informational support for users regardless of the role 



Virtual Graffiti Case Study

Fast growing IT solutions provider with 
11 to 20 employees 

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Slow system performance
  • Inventory visibility
  • Information silos from separate systems

SAP Business One Success:  

  • Complete control across entire business
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time reporting 

IES Engineering Case Study

Full Service Engineering and Construction with over 200 employees

QuickBooks Pain Points:

  • Manual data entry
  • Limited access to business information
  • Identifying new opportunities

SAP Business One Success: 

  • Foundation to support the backend of IES’ operations
  • Industry specific customizations for project management



For more Vision33 case studies click here. If you have any questions about SAP Business One and how it will fit your current business model, please contact us and a consultant will get in touch with you.