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After coming full circle, from making arrangements with a potential new buyer to checking on inventory and delivery, it’s time to put the final decision maker hat on. It all comes down to Tom, the Owner and Operator of a small distribution company who will have to make the decision to approve this deal or pass it by.

On his way to the airport, Tom receives an Alert on his iPhone from Randy, his Sales Rep and Jim, his Supply Chain Manager for an Approval that needs to be made. As the Owner, Tom has previously set up the queries and reports he needs on a regular basis through his ERP system, so he can access them wherever and whenever he needs to. In this case, he is able to use the CRM/Business Partner feature to drill down and learn about the customer and what the potential deal involves. Then, with a tap of the Reporting function, he can evaluate if his company has the resources to fill the order and follow through with the deal.

Being well-informed at all times is essential for a business owner. The Business One Mobile Application provides a customizable tool for owners like Tom, whose number one priority is flexibility in getting the answers he needs when he needs them. Through mobility, Tom is able to quickly view key Cash Flow, Inventory Analysis and Sales Projection reports to fully assess the situation and make a smart, real-time decision. He can easily see the big picture through high level numbers or drill down for further details.

He discovers that although the company doesn’t have enough inventory in stock, they have enough cash flow and time to order more to deliver the customer’s order on time. This deal presents real growth opportunity without interfering with current operations. The decision is clear - Tom decides to proceed with the deal. He goes back into the Approvals feature and attaches a note to Jim and Randy explaining his approval.

To see these features in action and see how easily you can collaborate and make key decisions from the road, please sign up for our upcoming Webinar, “How To Make Mobility Work For You” and start seeing the big picture.


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