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Put yourself in the shoes of a salesperson like 'Randy' meeting with a prospective customer. You are about to get some big business coming your way, but now comes the inevitable question about commitment – can we do this deal? In a traditional environment, this is where you would conclude the meeting and head back to your office to crunch some numbers and talk to the right people. If this is a feasible option, you schedule another meeting and then put in the order.

But the reality is that you don’t have time to go back to the office and set up separate meetings. When time is of the essence, you need a tool that will give you real-time access to business information while you are out of the office. So let’s go through this scenario using Randy, the same salesperson - only now equipped with the SAP Business One Mobile Application.

First things first - before the meeting even begins, he can set up this sales opportunity through your CRM/Business Partner feature. Using this function, he is able to record all of his notes, customer information and set up future appointments and tasks with this company.

As the meeting progresses and questions arise about what products he has on-hand, Randy can pull up the Inventory feature to access real-time inventory levels and provide a delivery date right from the meeting room. He can demonstrate the full value his company has to offer from his iPad, through customized reports. He can also respond to the customer's questions directly instead of heading back to the office to retrieve the information.

When the moment of truth happens and it comes time to answer the question, “Can we do this deal?” – Randy simply sends an order related request and waits only seconds for his boss to respond to the pending approval.

Being on the road 24/7 means that efficiency is a Sales Consultant's number one priority. Adopting mobility into his daily routine has allowed Randy to close the deal before he even leaves the customer's location.

If you would like to see how exactly these features work, contact us and start being more efficient from the road.