December 06, 2023

Renew Your Commitment to SAP Business One With the Latest Release and Trusted Support

SAP Business One

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SAP Business One

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are powerful tools for businesses to run simple, grow fast, and drive profit.

If your company runs SAP Business One, you’re using crucial real-time information to make fast, informed decisions. You’re seizing new opportunities and staying competitive in a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape.

SAP reigns supreme as the go-to ERP solution for small and midsized businesses—for good reason.

SAP, a technology pioneer, has built a strong foundation of scalability, reliability, trust, customer care, and support that underpins SAP Business One’s ever-evolving features.

As those features evolve, SAP and partners like Vision33 recommend you always upgrade to the highest release and feature package.

How Do I Check My SAP Business One Version?

To see which version you’re running, open the SAP graphical user interface (GUI). Choose “status,” then select the zoom button. You’ll see your version under the “installed production version” tab.

SAP Business One Version 10

The latest SAP Business One release is Version 10. This version introduced many new features that enhance the user experience—including the new Web Client, financial module enhancements, and easy document referencing and duplication.

Feature Pack 2305

Since its release, SAP Business One Version 10 has received regular updates from SAP through feature packages (FPs). The FPs contain new features, corrections, and legal changes.

The latest, FP 2305, contains several optimizations and new features to enrich the user experience and improve system efficiency.

Here are a few:

Web Client enhancements. Many of these enhancements focus on marketing documents. You can now add new table rows—“text” or “subtotal” type—above or below an existing row. You can also add opening or closing remarks on the contents tab of marketing documents.

Inventory counting enhancements. FP 2305 supports counting by multiple units of measure in your inventory counting transactions.

Identity and authentication enhancements. FP 2305 introduced two-factor authentication. It also supports single logout, where end users are logged out of all SAP Business One web-based pages in their current identity login session within the same web browser.

SAP’s significant security investment works only if SAP Business One users upgrade their installed base and secure their extensions. Those that remain on a legacy release—specifically Version 9.3—may be at risk.

Annual SAP Business One Software Maintenance

Every year, companies that use SAP Business One can renew their commitment to their ERP investment.

When you trust your annual SAP Business One software maintenance to Vision33, you become part of our industry-leading TOTAL Care program. We offer world-class support from a dedicated team of global consultants and a host of benefits developed exclusively for our customers.

TOTAL Care includes ongoing maintenance for your SAP Business One system to ensure it remains current. You’ll also have access to the latest software version updates, software patches, and release notes.

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Vision33 is a multi-award-winning SAP partner who has lived and breathed SAP Business One for over 20 years. In addition to TOTAL Care, we work hand in hand with our customers to help them get the most value out of SAP Business One with ongoing training, integration solutions, and exclusive technologies.

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