May 14, 2013

SAP Business One 9.0: Advanced Account G/L Determination

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In contuning Vision33's Top 5 Best New Features in SAP Business One 9.0 as determined by the Vision33 TOTAL CARE Team, this post will focus on the first new feature, Advanced Account G/L Determination. Advanced Account G/L Determination  allows businesses to view all of their financial accounts in one centralized module instead of individual modules like in the current version of SAP Business One. Along with the centralization of the financial accounts, SAP Business One 9.0 added new rules/determinations (map by BP Groups, Ship to Country and Ship to State) for determining which transactions should go to which accounts. The implementation of primary and secondary priorities for these rules determines the allocations to each account. Overall, this feature allows users to segregate G/L accounts based on the rules/determinations set, for example, segregating the Sales Revenue Account by Country, State, Item, or Business Partner Groups.

The series of images to follow demonstrates the functionality of Advanced G/L Account Determination.

Enable Advanced G/L Determination

Turn on Advanced GL Determination resized 600

To enable Advanced G/L Account Determination you must go under Administration -> System Information -> Company Details -> Check "Enable Advanced G/L Account Determination." Once the box is checked you can access the Advanced G/L Account menu.

Access G/L Account Determination Main Window

Advanced GL Determination HomeScreen resized 600

To access the G/L Account Determination main window you go to Administration -> Setup -> Financials -> G/L Account Determination. This window will list all of your standard accounts, all of which can be assigned rules. These rules allow you to fine tune your accounts and structure them the way that is most applicable to your business.

Advanced G/L Account Determination Rules and Criteria

Advanced Gl Determination Rules Screen

To access and setup rules for your accounts you need to open up the Rules. To do this you click "Advanced" in the G/L Account Determination main window. Doing this will open up the Rules window and from there you can setup rules that are specific to a particular account. Within this window you can set priorities for each account which will determine the allocation of resources to chosen accounts. Furthermore, you can add additional priorities by opening the Determination Criteria window. The priorities within the Determination Criteria window are considered primary priorities, while the priorities within in the Rules window are considered secondary priorities. In SAP Business One 9.0 new rules for allocating by BP Groups, Ship to Country and Ship to State have been added, giving you more options for your accounting journal entries.


Overall, SAP Business One 9.0 provides a flexible and centralized system to manage inventory G/L Account Determination with ease resulting in more accurate G/L accounts. Watch Vision33 Live Web Chat: Advanced G/L Account Determination in SAP Business One 9.0. In this webchat, Vision33 goes over:

  • Setup of Advanced Account G/L Account Determination
  • How to access Advanced G/L Account Determination
  • Tips and Tricks on how to use the new feature

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