March 02, 2022

Clear the Air Through Cloud: How to Modernize Your Government Agency's Services

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Solutions for Monterey Bay Air Resources District

If your government agency has a small staff, no internal IT resources, and clunky, on-premises software, you’re not alone.

The Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) is responsible for air monitoring, permitting enforcement, grant programs, and outreach related to air pollution in three counties. This agency of 30 staff struggled with a database with limited functionality and a duplicate database for monthly permit renewal billing. Its server was on-premises, IT services were outsourced, and the agency couldn’t provide convenient online services for its citizens and customers.

MBARD engineering and compliance manager Amy Clymo explains, “We only have 30 staff in our office, but that doesn't mean we don't want to offer the same level of service to our customers as a larger agency.”

Amy joined Tara McCullough from Vision33 and Brian Wick from Accela for a webinar to discuss MBARD’s challenges and the modern, cloud-based solution the agency implemented to overcome them.

What Was Needed

Due to its lack of an IT department, MBARD sought an out-of-the-box solution that could be administered by its staff, with maintenance and support provided by the software owner. Online capabilities were a must—MBARD needed to accept permit applications, issue permits, conduct inspections, log public complaints, and issue violations online.

The agency also needed to ditch its old, on-premises server. “We had a ransomware attack,” Amy says. “We lost a few days of data. That really drove home the point of why we wanted a cloud-hosted option.”

A Powerful Software Solution

Following a request for proposal process and interviews, MBARD partnered with Vision33 to implement Accela’s Environmental Health Module, a game-changer for agencies seeking to digitally transform and better protect public health.

Vision33 is an Accela Certified Business Plus Partner and uniquely suited to address the public sector’s challenges. Vision33, Accela, and MBARD worked as a team to go live with the software in small steps.

The Result

Accela has digitized and automated MBARD’s processes and workflow functions for employees, facility owners, and mobile workers. The agency has reduced manual effort, paper handling, and human error while improving efficiencies and productivity. Most importantly, MBARD has significantly improved its service delivery for its citizens and customers by providing self-service, online convenience.

“Although you may think Accela is set up for a city or county government, it’s very customizable,” Amy states. “And with the help of an implementation partner like Vision33, you can get to that place of customizing it to your agency’s needs.”

Learn More

There’s a reason 80% of the top 100 U.S. cities use Accela, and over 275 million citizens worldwide benefit from Accela’s software solutions.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to hear more from Amy Clymo, including tips and lessons learned, and see how your government agency can modernize and digitize its services with Accela.

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