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Government Technology Solutions: Providing Online Access to Citizen Services

Posted by Nicole Brennan on Mon, Apr 20, 2020 @ 03:06 PM


You may have already been considering your options for providing access to online citizen services before now – but for many, the current global situation is making it more urgent than ever before to have the right government technology solutions in place.

If you’re facing situations that you’ve never had to prepare for before, you’re not alone.

Agencies and departments at all levels of government are navigating new territory as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional or novel responsibilities are arising while regular operations need to continue remotely.

How can technology help?

With social distancing and other public health measures prompting changes around the world, finding a flexible solution is critical for governments to move forward and meet their citizens’ needs.

This post offers a starting point for learning more about technology solutions for government. However, if you’re looking to act quickly, reach out to Vision33 today to get up to speed on the options available to you right now.

Enabling Citizens with Access To Online Government Services

More and more, citizens expect to be able to access services online.
People lead busy lives, and they want control over when and how they interact with their public service:

  • Contractors need an efficient way to apply for permits frequently while constantly on the go.
  • Working professionals want to renew licenses, pay fees, and complete tasks on their own time rather than scheduling around office hours at public buildings.
  • Citizens are asking for online access to services.

However, in the current moment, bringing services online has gained a new importance. It’s not yet clear how the world will move through coming months – but reducing the need for citizens to visit physical government offices is a key way to ensure people continue to have access to the services they need.

In the long-term, online services also provide governments with the opportunity to better assist people with mobility concerns, a variety of health conditions, caregiving duties, or other circumstances that make it difficult to visit an office in person.

An online portal enables citizens with reliable access to up-to-date information they can trust. When people know they can check an application status online or sign up to receive important news via email, it reduces the number of inquiries they need to make and puts their mind at ease. Providing access to online citizen services results in a better, more transparent citizen experience.

Empowering Your Employees To Work Remotely

More employees are working remotely than ever before.

Even for those who are accustomed to some level of remote work, most of us are dealing with a new working environment. We may be working amid more distractions than usual or adapting to changes in caregiving duties. News coverage is evolving regularly; staying up-to-date requires effort.

But does your team have the right systems in place to work remotely? If it’s not an option to have everyone in the office with on-premise systems and equipment, work can only continue if employees have remote online access to the systems they need. Ensuring employees can continue to work from home is a vital step to maintaining access to critical citizen services.

When multiple departments are connected within the same system, they can share data and provide a more consistent experience across interactions with citizens. This allows services to be delivered more efficiently and enhances the relationship between citizens and government.

Making It Easier to Adapt To Evolving Regulations And Needs

Changes are happening that require the public service to respond and adapt. It might feel like those changes are accelerating lately – and if your system isn’t flexible enough to keep up, it may already be a source of stress.

There are technology solutions available that can help address new demands, such as: 

  • Quickly moving critical services online to reduce or eliminate the need for office visits.
  • Conducting virtual field inspections to avoid in-person contact.
  • Providing online application and mobile inspection capabilities for temporary medical facilities.
  • Managing temporary housing for people who are quarantining or in need of shelter.

With the right system in place, you can leverage technology to give employees and citizens alike access the services they need. And with the right partner, you can remain agile in this uncertain time to ensure you’re meeting demands and regulations as they change.

How You Can Learn More About eGovernment Solution Options

Our eGovernment team here at Vision33 has experience delivering IT solutions remotely, and we’re ready to put our expertise to work to help you.

As an end-to-end IT partner, we can work with you from strategy through to full implementation support. We can help you navigate your options and figure out how to simplify the process of getting started. By understanding the eGovernment solutions that are available to you, you can evaluate your options and make an informed decision to enable your government, department, or agency to maintain citizen services – even during challenging times.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you learn more.


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