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SAP Business One

So your small to midsized enterprise (SME) has decided to move off of your small accounting software package, like QuickBooks, to a full-fledged ERP solution. You’ve followed an ERP selection process, doing your due diligence to ensure the needs of each department’s needs for a new business backend have been heard. But don’t forget the frontlines – your sales team.

Having selected SAP Business One as your ERP of choice will help you acquire new customers which is essential to maintain the growth and momentum your business has built up. However, maximizing customer relationships is equally crucial. Regardless of where new opportunities arise, your sales team needs to have real-time access to accurate customer data to close new deals and service existing customers.

CRM Made Simple for SAP Business One

In the past, companies would have sales waiting outside of a client’s office and would have to call in to head office to obtain information necessary to service the customer. But let’s face it, telling the customer that “I’ll get back to you” on pricing, or other account management in won’t cut it in the digital economy, tomorrow may be too late. The great thing about SAP Business One is that it is supported by an extensible ecosystem of solutions. 

Vision33's Sales User for Employee Portal enables your business to empower your sales force with a real-time solution that seamlessly integrates with your SAP Business One software. Sales User the Employee Portal provides your sales representatives with immediate access to customer, product, and sales data – both inside and outside the office. Here are a few the applications highlights.

Sales User for Employee Portal Highlights

  • Drag and drop opportunities forward along your sales pipeline in a convenient dashboard

  • Track, manage and analyze sales activities

  • Provides sales force with anytime, anywhere mobile access to SAP Business One

  • Real-time integration with SAP Business One for a single platform

  • Exceed customers’ expectations with easy access to shipment status

  • Dynamic reporting driven by the power of SAP Business One sales queries

With the app available for download on the iTunes store, Sales User gives your sales team the convenience of working from their office desktop, or their iPad while on the road. They can check up on key customer accounts, business partners, inventory, graphic reports, and much more, anytime, anywhere they like.

Are you interested to empower your sales team to better service your customers? Watch the Extend the Power of SAP Business One webinar recording to learn more about how SAP Business One can empower your sales people to deliver even greater customer service.

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