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Accounting Software: QuickBooks vs. SAP Business One

by Cherry Hidjaja on Tue, Nov 08, 2016 @ 06:00 AM

QuickBooks vs. SAP Business One

Starting and growing a successful business comes with unique problems and opportunities that demand different solutions. Most small businesses start out using QuickBooks to manage their financials - a simple, reliable accounting solution that fits their small business requirements. When a business becomes more successful and starts to take off, most companies make the move to a more powerful integrated solution that manages more than just financials.

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When your systems start to become strained by growth, you are faced with the decision to add on to your current solution or find a new one that better meets your rapidly growing business requirements.  

To help with your decision, we have compiled a comparison infographic between QuickBooks vs. SAP Business One. We compare 10 essential features that commonly impact fast growth and profitability.   


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