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Improving the customer experience is a win-win for government agencies and their citizens.

Agencies that implement new and more efficient technologies and processes reduce manual intervention and paperwork, leading to cost savings.

Modern technology empowers governments to gather information about citizen interactions. That data can be analyzed and used to better understand citizen needs and preferences and make faster, more confident decisions.

Streamlining and optimizing agency processes results in more efficient service delivery, shorter wait times, fewer hurdles, and a seamless experience for citizens to access needed services.

A positive customer experience also encourages citizens to actively engage with government services, leading to more participation in civic activities and increased use of government programs.

And when citizens have a favorable experience with government services, they’re more likely to comply with regulations and requirements.

Vision33, an Accela gold implementation reseller and technology partner, is always on the lookout for solutions that make citizens’ lives easier. We understand citizens want to interact with public agencies the same way they do with private companies and eCommerce sites—whether they’re applying for a dog license or a building permit.

We recently welcomed fellow Accela partner Gray Quarter for a live webinar about providing convenient and simplified citizen experiences.

Like Vision33, Gray Quarter has created impressive technology products that drive value for jurisdictions running Accela.

During the webinar, Gray Quarter’s John Schomp and Brian Weber highlighted and demonstrated G-WIZ, ACA Refresh, and Rapid Inspection Scheduler.

Here’s an overview of these Gray Quarter solutions.


The Gray Quarter Wizard—affectionately called G-WIZ—helps end users navigate the permitting and regulatory processes before they apply for a permit. G-WIZ ensures users apply for the correct permit, which decreases the number of phone calls to agency offices.

ACA Refresh

ACA Refresh ensures the Accela Citizen Access (ACA) is branded to look like an agency’s website, making visitors’ transition from the agency’s site to ACA seamless.

Rapid Inspection Scheduler

Rapid Inspection Scheduler allows permit holders to quickly schedule inspections on their mobile phone or desktop browser.

Learn More

Watch the on-demand webinar recording to see how Gray Quarter’s products reduce confusion and provide a simplified, customer-centric approach to online services.

Watch the recording