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The highly anticipated release of SAP Business One Version 9.2 brings new and enhanced functionality to SAP Business One in many ways.

In this article, we will showcase some of the new features within the inventory area of SAP Business One Version 9.2, including:

  • Prices Update Wizard
  • Bin Locations
  • Inventory Posting and Inventory Opening Balances


Prices Update Wizard

Do you update product prices on a regular basis or have to account for different global currencies?

In SAP Business One Version 9.2, a new feature called the Prices Update Wizard, allows users to systematically update item prices in price lists or mass convert prices into different currencies. The price update can be restricted so that it applies only to selected items, price lists, currencies and units of measurements.

This is extremely useful for companies when gearing up for seasonal promotions as price updates performed in bulk or at a global level can now be done easily and efficiently.

In addition, the new feature comes with a simulation mode that gives you a preview of your changes before executing the update, allowing you to review your updates before it actually takes place.


Bin Locations

SAP Business One Version 9.2 can restrict bin locations based on the unit of measure (UoM) of items stored in the bin location.

Once a restriction is defined, the transaction to post goods will offer only the allowed bin locations for the user to choose from. By restricting bin locations based on the items' UoM, you can utilize your storage more efficiently.

These are the bin location restrictions you can choose from in Version 9.2:

  • specific UoM
  • single UoM only
  • specific UoM group
  • single UoM group only


Inventory Posting and Inventory Opening Balances

The valuation rules in Version 9.2 have been enhanced for items managed by serial or batch valuation method. Instead of per bin location or per warehouse, valuation of inventory variances or inventory opening balances can be performed by serial number or batch.


The above are just some of the enhanced inventory management functionalities in SAP Business One Version 9.2. To find out more about other new and enhanced modules in SAP Business One Version 9.2, be sure to read The Best of What's New in Version 9.2.

Whether you’re a growing business that wants to upgrade from your accounting software (e.g.QuickBooks) or an existing SAP Business One customer, Vision33 can help you upgrade to SAP Business One Version 9.2.


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