April 29, 2021

Learn How to Crawl, Walk, and Run with eCommerce

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Vision33 hosted a webinar with Spaceshop Commerce to discuss how businesses can improve their eCommerce strategy and find new opportunities with an eCommerce sales channel. The insight you’ll gain from this presentation will allow you to hit the ground running with an eCommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with your business.

Here are some highlights from the presentation (or you can skip to the end to access the video recording).

2020 Market Impact

Last year was defined by the COVID-19 global pandemic and its countless challenges – but not everything was negative. As people turned to the internet for products and services, there were many opportunities.

According to Josh Baltzell, the COO at Spaceshop Commerce, “In 2020, total manufacturing and distributor sales grew by only 1.5%, to $17.5 trillion. But total B2B digital sales grew 10.9%. That's $9 trillion. That means this trend of ordering online is moving for all businesses, not just B2C.”

But adopting eCommerce strategies can be daunting.

Overcoming the Challenges of Adopting ECommerce

Before adopting eCommerce, businesses must overcome hurdles, including:

  • A perception of competition with valued supply chain partners by selling direct.
  • Integrating an eCommerce solution with your existing business management system (or one you’re considering).
  • “Amazonation” of eCommerce, affecting customer expectations of doing business with you.
  • Providing customers with the channel they prefer.
  • Choosing the best solution for a business just starting with eCommerce.

But Baltzell cautions that businesses “shouldn’t let analysis paralysis stop you from making a decision on getting something up and running on the web. Err on the side of action.”

Businesses must change if they want to innovate and grow in response to marketplace changes. Digital commerce is no longer reserved for the B2C environment, and today it’s easier than ever to transform your brick and mortar to eCommerce.

Learn How to Move Beyond the Brick and Mortar with our eCommerce platform

Businesses need not walk this journey alone. Vision33 and special guest Spaceshop Commerce offer a helping hand in this webinar so businesses can take advantage of dedicated eCommerce sales channels.

In Vision33’s Learn How to Crawl, Walk, and Run with eCommerce webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get started with eCommerce – and how to expand.
  • Various eCommerce solutions (e.g., Shopify and Magento), and which is right for you.
  • How to scale and optimize your distribution channels.
  • How tools like Vision33’s Saltbox Connector can help you integrate your eCommerce solution with your existing accounting or ERP solution.
  • Steps for automating inventory updates and managing delivery and fulfillment.

Whether you’re just starting or expanding your eCommerce presence, watch this webinar recording to learn how your business can move beyond brick and mortar.

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