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Growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) have struggled to overcome the coronavirus’s business impact. Enterprise integration, data digitization, and process automation are valuable initiatives – but don’t forget to listen to the heartbeat of your organization: your business management solutionIf it can’t keep pace with business needs and new technology investmentsyou may need to re-platform with new technology. 

By releasing SAP Business One version 10 last year, financial systems leader SAP signaled to SMEs that its flagship ERP solution for the midmarket has equal footing alongside other enterprise technology investments, including eCommerce, portals, integration, and automation solutions.  

Here are a few version 10 enhancements that put SAP Business One at the core of your digital transformation strategy.  

Backorder Report Enhancements  

With disruption throughout your supply chain, watching your financials is critical for success. Version 10 includes enhancements to sales purchasing and services, including the backorder report. The backorder report now displays accounts receivable (A/R) reserve invoices with payment status: fully paid, partially paid, and unpaidReserve invoice payment status is included within the filter table. 

Open Items List Report Enhancements 

With SAPbusinesses can do more with less and empower employees to operate more efficiently. Another useful stock report in SAP Business One, the open items list, has also received enhancements. The report now allows users to close/cancel multiple documents, making it easy to quickly access open documents to track unreceived purchase orders so you can follow up with vendors (for example).  

In version 10, the open item list report includes more document information, such as: 

  • Owner 
  • Sales employee/buyer 
  • Remarks 
  • Approved 
  • Created by 
  • Contact person 
  • Payment terms 
  • BP project 
  • User-defined fields (UDFs) in document headers 

The report is also easier to handle due to more document options/information and supports 

  • Sales quotation 
  • Sales order 
  • Purchase request 
  • Purchase quotation 
  • Purchase order 

User-Defined Fields (UDFs) Enhancements 

Previously, UDFs in the document row of an items and service document couldn’t be updated after the document was added or closed. However, SAP Business One 10.0 patch level 01 allows you to set the UDFs on marketing document rows as editable regardless of the document type or document/row status. 

These are on a few of the Sales Purchasing Service module enhancements in SAP Business One version 10. To learn more about the new enhancements, download the recent Vision33 TOTAL Care Wednesday Webchat video recording hosted by Carl Lewis. Access the video below when you sign up for a free membership to Vision33’s SAP Business One Resource Library. 

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