December 01, 2023

Transform Accounts Payable Management With Automation

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Finance professionals are critical to a successful business. They bring strategic skills and value to the organization—which is why they shouldn’t be buried in routine processes that can be automated.

Accounts payable is the most time-consuming finance function. Supplier onboarding is often a manual process done by phone or email. Collecting bank information is error-prone and poses a security risk. Many companies are buried in paper invoices, and entering invoice information into the accounting system takes time and creates mistakes. And chasing down approvals drags accounts payable to a screeching halt.

Automation Does the Heavy Lifting

Luckily, you can eliminate 80% of your accounts payable workload with automation.

Vision33 welcomed Tipalti for a webinar about Tipalti’s cloud-based global finance automation solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is a modern, cloud-native financial management powerhouse engineered to streamline financial processes, automate workflows, and provide unparalleled financial visibility. It’s also the first and only financial application preferred by the AICPA, which sets the professional and technical standards for the CPA profession.

Tipalti’s solution extends Sage Intacct’s capabilities via full management and automated execution of accounts payable processes.

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Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn how automation lets you spend less time on accounts payable and more time on strategic, value-added initiatives.

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