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Vision33-1.pngVerona Safety Supply is a growing safety distribution company located in Wisconsin. The company was using QuickBooks as its internal accounting solution for over a decade. The software met their basic needs, but was lacking in functionality in other key areas. Inventory cycle counts were done manually each week. The information would then go to accounting for any system changes that needed to be made. To address the software limitations in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area, Verona Safety Supply began using ACT for scheduling calls and managing communication with prospects and customers.

Committed to providing strong customer service and improving efficiency, Verona Safety Supply embarked on a project this year to actively look for a new fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to run and grow their business. After reviewing several products, they have decided to move forward with SAP Business One and began discussions with Vision33.

“As the largest provider of SAP Business One, we felt a high level of comfort in working with Vision33 and in their capabilities. The conversations went well and everything just fell in place perfectly,” said  Zac Matthias, marketing manager, Verona Safety Supplies.

In discussing why Verona Safety Supply has decided to move forward with a new business software solution at this time, Mr. Matthias commented, “Our growth factor has really led us to make this change. With SAP Business One, we can see the amount of insightful reporting we are going to have access to. We will be able to leverage so many more capabilities within SAP Business One to collect key data such as multiple prices and addresses."

One thing that is clear about Verona Safety Supply is their commitment to their customers. Mr. Matthias concluded, “Once SAP Business One is fully in place, we will be able to streamline our customer service process and really focus on understanding our customers even better. This will enable us to deliver an even greater customer experience."

If you're interested to find out what SAP Business One can do for your company, access Vision33's SAP Business One information kit. Inside you'll find a curated selection of resources that are of benefit for any business considering moving to a new business management solution.  

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