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Lean Production on the Metal Gears on Black Background..jpegLean manufacturing practices first saw use among Japanese manufacturing companies in the 1980s but has since achieved widespread adoption. Redefining how an efficient manufacturing operation can run results in a reduction of wastage and leads businesses to greater profit margins. If you look at the heart of the domestic manufacturing resurgence in the U.S., you'll find large enterprises like GE leveraging lean manufacturing strategies as the basis of their market advantage. The investment made in business technology and continuous improvement means that manufacturers are better equipped to stay competitive - especially in consumer products categories where continuous innovation is expected. 

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However, the benefits of lean manufacturing are not limited to large enterprises. Even small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from lean manufacturing practices without necessarily building new state of the art manufacturing facilities. It is possible to implement principals of lean manufacturing in a business' manufacturing processes to leverage the efficiencies it affords businesses; in fact Vision33 has worked with many manufacturing companies who've leveraged the right technology to grow fast and drive profit.

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If you're considering how lean manufacturing techniques can benefit your business, watch the full webinar recording "Which Parts of Lean Manufacturing Would Work For My Growing Business" as we look at the different lean manufacturing techniques and define which ones might be appropriate for your business to adopt.

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