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Bboxx uses SAP Business ByDesign

From its headquarters in London, Bboxx is on a mission to end energy poverty in Africa’s developing nations.

As a super platform, this company unlocks the potential of African communities by providing life-changing technologies that create access to electricity and clean cooking solutions for those who need it most.

Through data-powered logistics and innovative financing methods, Bboxx offers a highly convenient and affordable way to access life-changing solutions for African households, businesses, and communities.

Inefficient Processes

Bboxx's legacy software offered limited supply chain visibility, inaccurate data, and inefficient processes—features that slowed the company’s operations and prevented it from taking the next step.

Bboxx knew it couldn’t keep supplying its customers with clean energy without a new business management solution that could keep up with its growing complexity, optimize processes, and increase transparency across operations.

So, Bboxx implemented SAP Business ByDesign, a modern cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, to scale the business globally and transform communities worldwide.

SAP Business ByDesign: Designed to Optimize Processes

SAP Business ByDesign’s customizable dashboards present Bboxx’s financial reports in an easy-to-read format, allowing the financial team to work more efficiently and support the organization’s rapid growth.

Bboxx also seamlessly integrated SAP Business ByDesign with Pulse, the company’s in-house technology platform, to provide a better front-end experience for its customers.

The Right Implementation Partner

Vision33, a value-added reseller (VAR) for SAP products, has successfully implemented SAP Business ByDesign for hundreds of businesses.

By partnering with Vision33, Bboxx got the expertise and experience it needed to scale and expand into Asia after a short four-month implementation.

SAP Business ByDesign gives Bboxx tools like accurate real-time data and customizable reports and has increased transparency throughout the supply chain.

Now, the company is one step closer to providing universal energy access for all.

SAP Business ByDesign Is the Perfect Fit for Bboxx

Watch our short video to hear Bboxx’s CEO and co-founder discuss their SAP Business ByDesign story. You’ll learn how SAP Business ByDesign transformed Bboxx—and see how it has the power to transform your business, too.

Watch the video