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Whether you are on vacation or meeting with clients across the globe, staying connected and being informed within your business is essential. Let’s say you are in a management position like Jim, the Supply Chain Manager of a small distribution company. Jim goes on vacation with his family but while he’s away he gets an alert from one of the company’s salespeople trying to close a huge deal. In a different time, it might have been fine for Jim to wait until his 2 week vacation was over and then catch up on everything when he returns. However, in today’s work environment this is a big deal with enormous growth potential for the company and time is of the essence.

In his position, Jim’s number one priority is visibility. To ensure that the company’s operations are running smoothly, he needs to know what’s going on at all times with production, orders, deliveries and overall resources. Before his vacation begins, Jim sets up several queries in his ERP system, SAP Business One, that will help him monitor overall operations outside the office and makes sure he has the SAP Business One Mobile Application on his iPhone.

During his trip, he checks his iPhone and discovers the approval request from Randy (click here to read Randy’s experience). After looking through the details of the deal, Jim discovers that this deal would be an extremely profitable venture and moves on to look through the Inventory feature of the application. He has access to real-time inventory reports and is able to check the current status of the company’s resources. It is through the Inventory feature that Jim finds out the company does not currently have enough product on hand to follow through with the order. Now, the big decision that must be made is now about money and time. They need the money to buy more inventory and they need more time to deliver on the order.

Through mobility, Jim is able to flag the inventory order so Tom, the owner, will be alerted of the impending order. Tom is travelling but using the SAP Business One Mobile Application, he will receive the alert directly to his hand.

If you would like to see how exactly these features work, sign up for our Webinar, “How To Make Mobility Work For You” and start improving your visibility on the road.

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