December 12, 2011

Top 5 Reasons To Keep Your SAP Business One Maintenance Up-To-Date

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SAP Business OneYour annual software maintenance allows SAP to constantly improve the quality and performance of the software.  Think of it like changing the oil in your car, or replacing the spark plugs at the recommended intervals. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should keep your SAP Business One maintenance up-to-date in 2012:

1) Risk Mitigation 

Like annual maintenance for your software, these car maintenance costs are not FREE, but it does protect your system from harm and extends its life meaning that you invest less money in the long run.

2) New Features 

Did you know that since 8.8 was first released there have been over 50 new features added to SAP Business One?  Most of which have been asked for and recommended by users of SAP Business One.  These new features offer greater convenience for end users, adding instant value to the software that benefits your business and your business partners.

3) Personal and Employee Satisfaction

When you invested in SAP Business One it was a difficult decision and a strategic investment in the future of your business. Keeping your maintenance up to date and upgrading your system to the latest release and patch sets you up to take advantage of all the powerful new functionality and helps validate that inital investment. The sense of personal satisfaction is significant and can help everyone in your company to experience greater confidence in your ERP and increase their job satisfaction.

4) Doing More Faster

Many of the new features are designed to help you accomplish more and do it with less manual effort. There are countless ways that the latest version of SAP Business One will save time, for example the simple little things like the ability to copy an address, create recurring invoices, negative line items, negative documents – all speed up daily procedures.  In addition, many parts of SAP Business One have been re-architected to be faster, lose less memory, and perform at a higher level.  Most customers notice a performance increase in the latest version of SAP Business One.

5) Add New Business Processes

New business processes have been added to SAP Business One.  Maybe your business can benefit from Dashboards, Purchase Order Requisitions, Campaign Management, a revitalized MRP, Blanket Agreements, Business Intelligence (BI) On Demand, or even drag and drop Outlook email integration.  There is something new that can add value to virtually every company running SAP Business One.

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