March 11, 2012

Mastering the Art of Reporting - Part Two

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Small Business Reporting Part 2


In the first post of our three part summary of the Mastering the Art of Reporting webinar, hosted by Small to midsized enterprise (SME) expert Carl Lewis, we summarized how Sales Managers obtain a deep level of information from their sales channels by employing standard reporting found in SAP Business One.

Continuing with part two of our summary, we turn our attention to a Purchasing Agent scenario and highlight the versatility of SAP Business One’s standard reporting in providing detailed information from the other side of the ledger - without the need for any additional report customization.

Reporting for Purchasing Agents

For a Purchasing Agent, SAP Business One provides purchasing reports and purchasing analysis reports. Similar to the Sales Manager, a Purchasing Agent can easily launch reports from a customized dashboard within SAP Business One. Analogous to the Sales Analysis report, there is a Purchasing Analysis Report; from here there are a number of different ways to expand upon information deeper than what is typically seen in a standard accounting software package.

For example, by looking at AP invoices on a quarterly basis, there is a report for each one of the vendors, so it is possible to analyze very carefully what Purchasing Agent has received from each vendor, making it easy to look at all of the purchasing documents that made up the report. From here you are provided with a list of items which can be further expanded to see all of the AP invoices and documents that are posted to this analysis. Within Purchasing reports, the exact same Blanket Agreement functionality works on the AP Side of the ledger, enabling the Purchasing Agent to make agreements with vendors about what they promise to buy from them over the year, to enable special pricing arrangements. The system tracks your relationship with each vendor and enables you, at a glance, to see how you are performing - if you are falling behind or exceeding the contract and should ask for even better prices next year.

Watch Mastering the Art of Reporting pre-recorded webinar for more examples of how Purchasing Agents and decision makers alike can leverage business data from across their organization through the standard reporting found in SAP Business One. With versatile reporting that provides value in a variety of different scenarios, you can easily expand standard reports to gain access to a deeper level of information required to gain additional insight into your business’ operations.

Continue reading Mastering the Art of Reporting series part three for the final installment of the  webinar summary for an overview of how Controllers can use standard reporting such as the Inventory Analysis report to obtain transparency of their inventory across their warehouses for better decision making.

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