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Why Should I Become an ASUG Member?

Posted by Steve Hearn on Tue, Jul 09, 2013 @ 04:38 PM

ASUG B1 Summit

Over the past three years the ASUG SAP Business One Summit has been the tool to help ASUG and SAP Business One customers find common ground and learn about each other.  With growth from 250 – 500 over the past three years the ASUG Business One Summit is poised to continue growing years into the future. This Summit has been the focus of the ASUG and SAP Business One relationship for these past few years and as such is a good place to begin answering that question, "Why should I become an ASUG member?"

Reason #1: Connect and Build Relationships

Connecting and building relationships with industry specific and like-minded professionals is an invaluable asset to have for any business owner. ASUG membership and events such as the ASUG Business One Summit brings together leading SAP professionals from an array of different industries from all over North America. The Summit provides industry professionals the opportunity to connect face-to-face and build relationships, share knowledge and promote best practices. The Summit acts as a central hub where professionals from various regional ASUG Chapters can come together to discuss regional trends, markets and industries that impact their small to midsized businesses. Special Interest Groups are also a major part of the ASUG membership and the Summit, introducing business owners to other business owners within the same industry and with similar roles to understand how to best leverage their SAP Business One solution. 

Reason #2: Knowledge and Solution Sharing

ASUG provides a vast knowledge base for SMEs and SAP Professionals to draw upon. ASUG offers more than 1,300 virtual and face-to-face educational sessions, so new and experienced SAP Business One users alike can continually learn and implement new processes and best practices so they can get the most out of their ERP solution. 

Reason #3: Value-Added Membership Benefits

There are a number of value-added benefits for ASUG members that expand outside educational sessions and networking opportunities. Some of these value-added benefits include:

  • on-demand SAP trial systems
  • Member-to-member discounts
  • Test drive applications on ASUG Demo Service 
  • Exclusive offers on the ASUG Marketplace
  • Special recreational events (golf tournaments, concerts, etc.)
  • Monthly webinars on SAP Business One subject material
  • Influence SAP for future development;
  • And much more

ASUG is a community for any and all SAP Business One professionals to network, educate and share knowledge in a face-to-face environment. Together Users, SAP, SSPs, Resellers, and ASUG join together to drive future development of SAP; creating better business solutions. So, the question is no longer "Why should I become an ASUG member?" but "Where do I sign up to become an ASUG member?"

For more information about ASUG and the ASUG Business One Summit click here or contact Carl Lewis, ASUG Business One Summit Chair at carl.lewis@vision33.com

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