June 12, 2014

Basics of SAP Business One for Sales Pt.3: Delivery

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SAP Business One DeliveryFor any sales professional, there is no better feeling than closing a deal and seeing a satisfied customer with your product in hand. However, once the deal is done, you have to deliver! Luckily for small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) SAP Business One provides support for the entire sales process, including delivery.

In SAP Business One, the sales process beings with a Sales Quotation; offering your products and services to a prospective buyer. Next, the prospect is guided to the subsequent step where a Sales Order confirms their purchase of products and services. Moving to the final stage of the sales process, delivery of goods to the customer.

At the delivery stage, within SAP Business One you create a delivery document (often referred to as a packing slip or delivery note) that indicates your products have been shipped to your customer. The delivery document starts as a blank state and can be customized depending on the Sales Quotation, Sales Order or other parameters that the customer requests.

To create a delivery document, users select Sales – A/R -> Delivery from the main menu in SAP Business One, or alternatively create it directly from a Sales Quotation or Sales Order by selecting Delivery from the Copy to dropdown list. To populate a delivery document for a customer that has multiple sales orders, you simply select the customer and use the Copy from to select from a list quotations and orders for that customer. To post a delivery note to the system, you must click Add.

It must be noted that, in versions previous to SAP Business One 9.0, a delivery cannot be modified once it has been added to the system. Once added to the system, the document is final and a new delivery document will have to be added in order to compensate for any changes.

To learn more about delivery in SAP Business One, watch the Sales Process Basics in SAP Business One web chat with Vision33 TOTAL Care General Manager, Carl Lewis starting at 31:04. 

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