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ERP for Small Business

Adopting new technology like an ERP for small business can be daunting. No matter what business you have or industry you’re in, changes will be necessary to make the most of your technology investment. Some changes will be small; others will alter the entire infrastructure of your business.

Some businesses adapt quickly to economic and environmental changes in their industry. Small and midsized enterprises (SMEs), however, sometimes avoid introducing new technology due to fear of change, which leaves them with error-prone manual processes and outdated systems. Failing to keep up with ever-changing technology puts your company at risk, whereas new technology increases efficiency and profitability.

After comparing the risk of running a business without new technology to the benefits of running with it, why are many still fearful? Is it justified? And more importantly, can it be overcome?

There are many reasons people fear the idea of implementing new technology like an ERP system for small business.

Possible Causes for a Fear of ERP for Small Business

  • SMEs may be ‘set in their ways’ and unmotivated to try something new. Complacency, however, is the wrong mindset for growing a business.
  • New devices and software cost money, so projects may be written off because they’re expensive. But new technology makes you more efficient, which ultimately saves money.
  • Without experience in investing in new technology, it’s easier not to. Intimidation creeps in when it’s decision time, but you don’t know where to start. You can deal with this by working with an experienced consultant or team.

Overcome Your Fear of ERP for Small Business

Having identified why you may be afraid to adopt an ERP system for small business; the next step is overcoming your fear. Consider these tips:

  • Never base a decision on what you’re most comfortable with or the latest/most popular technology in your industry. Instead, investigate the ROI. How much will it cost? How much will you save in time, energy, and money? How much profit will you make?
  • Research new devices and systems that are benefiting others in your industry. This will improve your understanding of how to help your company grow and ease the nervousness of the latest tech.
  • Remember: you don’t have to invest in everything at once. Instead, consider completing new technology projects one at a time. This way, you have time to get used to a new device or system before implementing another one.

Learn About Technology to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

Fear is a natural response to the unknown, so worrying about new technology is normal. Facing your fears is never easy – if it were, every business would be successful. The thriving businesses are those that overcame their fear by learning about, becoming comfortable with, and accepting ERP for small business.

Vision33 offers many resources to help growing businesses identify their growth challenges and learn about the adoption, selection, and many benefits of ERP for small business. Download our guide ‘Why Affordable ERP is Within Your Reach’ and replace your fear with firsthand knowledge about ERP solutions.


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