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Getting a Grip on Inventory Control with SAP Business One

Posted by Matthew Melay on Mon, Aug 29, 2016 @ 11:59 AM


If golf’s recent return at the Rio Summer Olympics 2016 is any indication, interest in the classic game is now on the upswing. Following the globalization of the sport, many beginners are finding that golf, although very rewarding, can have a steep learning curve. Picking up a club for the first time often leads to analysis paralysis in beginners: selecting the right club, choosing the right grip, swinging, and the follow through – there’s a lot of variables to analyze! That’s where training companies, such as our customer, David Leadbetter, the original golf instruction brand, comes in. Through its academies and instructors across the globe, the company provides swing analysis instruction and the equipment athletes need to take control of their game.

When Vision33 first partnered with David Leadbetter, together they discovered an ineffective grip on inventory control was slowing down the company’s game. As a global brand, David Leadbetter’s rapid expansion meant that not all of its academies where tuned into the same business system. This caused limited visibility into inventory for its online store and its 25 golf academies in 13 countries.

When it comes to business management systems, Vision33 offers its customers sophisticated tools needed to take control of their business and access to the experienced consultants to demonstrate how. SAP Business One enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is the right pick for small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprise subsidiaries looking to keep their growing inventories organized.

Vision33 introduced them to cycle counting and other inventory forecasting features found in SAP Business One, which enabled the company to value their inventory correctly. David Leadbetter can now identify areas of the business that are profitable to further monetize their products and services. So far, they have seen a 15% uplift in revenue, an estimated 10% reduction in operational costs and 17% reduction in inventory to optimize stock.

To drive home the point: the right tools, the right partner go a long to keep a growing business on course. Read the David Leadbetter success story to learn more about inventory management in SAP Business One.

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