November 03, 2021

HERCO Goes Mobile—Faster—With SAP Business One HANA MTE

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HERCO SAP Business One case study

Established in 2007 and based in Michigan, HERCO is a leading provider of air filtration systems for casting, metal cutting, welding, and food processing; spray systems for die casting applications; and complete solutions for mold technology.

The Challenge

HERCO switched from using QuickBooks to manage financials to using the SAP Public Cloud to manage its entire business, including sales, procurement, and fulfillment. And while the company’s inventory management process improved, its sales process hit a snag when the SAP Mobile Sales App didn’t function correctly.

The Solution

Vision33, the largest SAP Business One partner, was brought in to assess HERCO’s situation. While working through the issues, Vision33’s experts quickly realized HERCO’s needs would be better met with a recent, innovative approach to harnessing the power of SAP in the cloud.

Vision33 rapidly moved HERCO to SAP Business One HANA MTE, a multi-tenant environment powered by Amazon Web Services. Upon implementation, the company immediately moved from no mobile app capabilities to fully functional apps across the business.

The Result

HERCO’s salespeople are now performing better—from any location—and all information is accessed from one place. Front-end sales are integrated with inventory management, and field technicians use the SAP Mobile Sales App to sell parts and perform repairs for customers on the spot.

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To learn more, including how HERCO’s enrollment in the Vision33 TOTAL Care program ensures dedicated customer service and training, download the case study below.

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