October 25, 2023

How to Get the Most Value Out of SAP Business One

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As a technology pioneer, SAP has designed some of the most robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available—and SAP Business One reigns supreme as the go-to ERP solution for small and midsized businesses (SMBs).

If your SMB runs SAP Business One, you know its automation, integration, and real-time information streamline operations and improve visibility.

But do you know everything SAP Business One is capable of and how to get even more value from it?

As 2023 ends, it’s time to ask yourself if you have the right SAP partner to help you maximize your ROI from SAP Business One.

Questions to Ask About Your SAP Partner

Your current partner may have been ideal to implement your ERP solution, but the difference between using SAP Business One and thriving with it goes way beyond implementation.

Implementation is merely the beginning of your SAP Business One journey and discovering everything that’s possible with this powerful ERP solution.

You need a long-term, trusted partner who knows SAP Business One inside and out, lives and breathes customer service, and unlocks new functionality with exclusive products.

Ask yourself if your current partner:

  • Has asked you about your business’s goals for 2024
  • Has experts in your own backyard
  • Employs professionals who are hand-selected members of SAP Global committees
  • Received several SAP Partner of the Year and Pinnacle awards for performance and customer satisfaction
  • Offers a flagship support program with 24/7 assistance
  • Provides ongoing live and on-demand training with weekly webchats and regional webinars
  • Maintains an extensive customer resource center with tips and tricks and how-to documents and videos
  • Offers its own cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution that easily integrates SAP Business One with hundreds of applications
  • Allows you to give your customers and employees secure, self-service, 24/7 access to SAP Business information with web portals

If you answered “no,” or if you’re uncertain, consider starting 2024 with the partner who offers all that—and more.

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Vision33 invites you to browse our library of SAP Business One resources developed by our experts. Get a peek at just a small portion of what our customers can access every day.

And if you’d like to meet the partner who will help you maximize SAP Business One’s value and ensure it grows with your changing needs, drop us a line.

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“Vision33 has been so good to us—from the standpoint of support, hearing what we needed, and providing it. They’ve been essential in helping us grow.” – Joseph Lewis, president and CEO of FlenTek Solutions, Inc.