May 05, 2021

How Interconnected Businesses Exhibit Leadership and Resiliency

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Last year, the IDC published a report about the five-year progress of businesses’ intelligent enterprise journeys. In Intelligent Enterprise: Building an Agile and Resilient Business, IDC states that 95% of companies now use a digital strategy, up 10% from the previous year. As we emerge from the pandemic, it's easy to see why companies have accelerated business digitization. But what does ‘intelligent enterprise’ mean, and how are well-connected businesses becoming more resilient?

What Is an Intelligent Enterprise?

IDC defines an intelligent enterprise as "a strategy that enables organizations to transform data into action across all lines of business – driving process automation and innovation, unlocking new areas of growth, and delivering exceptional experiences."

No two digital transformations look the same. You may want new business management software like an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). You might want to automate business processes with automation software or integrate the flow of information across your enterprise applications via an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Regardless of your path, a successful digital transformation means improving data, unlocking growth potential, and giving customers exceptional experiences.

Key Attributes of Intelligent Enterprises

Per the IDC, COVID-19 required companies to "prioritize projects that would enable them to stay resilient over the crisis and provide a foundation that will support recovery and growth in the long run."

IDC research indicates that as organizations progress through their digital transformation journeys, it’s essential to remember the importance of intelligent enterprise leaders. The champion of change is often the chief executive officer (CEO), who must:

  • Take a strategic approach to digital transformation
  • Invest in technologies that offer real-time insights
  • Digitize their business systems with a strategy that complements their objectives
  • Focus on customer and employee experiences
  • Recognize the reciprocity of financial performance and stakeholders' experiences inside and out of the organization
  • Avoid COVID-19’s negative outcomes, including a reduction of revenue, workforce, operational capacity, and facilities utilized

Becoming an intelligent enterprise makes you more resilient – able to adapt, innovate, and overcome challenges to drive growth and be more profitable.

SAP Business One: The Digital Core of Intelligent Enterprises

No matter your industry, SAP's enterprise technology can form the heart of your digital transformation with technologies that offer the capabilities an intelligent enterprise needs. SAP Business One houses your mission-critical business data and provides an affordable way to manage your entire business, including accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationships, project management, operations, and human resources.

Intelligent enterprises can break down departmental silos and adopt dynamic, cross-functional business processes to deliver optimal experiences. A vital part of the strategy is integrating end-to-end processes, which SAP makes a top priority, and the breadth of Vision33's solutions makes possible.

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP to improve Business Resilience

Vision33's Carl Lewis interviewed Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President at SAP, about intelligent enterprises. As the senior vice president responsible for SAP Business One sales, Murguia sees more and more businesses endeavoring to become intelligent enterprises.

If you're interested in making the journey towards digital transformation, listen to the Vision33 Connected Enterprise podcast today to learn more.

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