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How to Drive Growth in a Multi-channel Retail Business [Webinar]

Posted by Emily Warren on Fri, Jun 12, 2015 @ 04:18 PM

Retail Software to Manage the Omni-channel EraAs a growing retailer in today’s multi-channel retail environment, you are facing changing customer attitudes and buying behaviors while dealing with increased competition and technology constraints. With all these challenges, how can you manage to concentrate on closing sales and driving profit for your business?

Watch our Omnichannel Technology webinar where Vision33 and retail industry experts explain how the right technology can drive profit for you as a growing multi-channel retailer:

  • How we define Omnichannel. It’s providing a consistent consumer shopping experience, regardless of where the consumer chooses to engage a retailer (or supplier). Consumers are driving tremendous change in retail, Omnichannel capabilities are a strategic necessity, and in the next few years, retail business networks will be part of the fabric of successful retail companies as they’ll make Omnichannel integration and partner collaboration possible.
  • The barriers retailers express about executing an Omnichannel strategy; Labor/Transport costs too high, a huge trend in outsourcing fulfillment operations, and poor in-stock performance, just to name a few.
  • Proactively connect with your customers with insights on their shopping history, preferences and interests. Using analytics to understand buying trends, instead of solely focusing on engagement and revenue, glean insights from the analytics to improve overall customer experience by making it relevant and contextual.
  • The best performing technology for the retail industry – SAP Business One. An end to end retail management solution. Seamless and deep integration with SAP suite of business management applications, highly scalable – from single store to hundreds of stores globally, ease of deployment, use and maintenance.

Learn how to eliminate some of the most common retail challenges so you can run simple and drive profit.




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