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As we return to a sense of normalcy, wealth and asset management firms are defining their new operational models, which includes looking closely at existing technology and adapting to changing customer expectations.

Working with your clients isn’t getting easier. They demand hyper-personalized service that requires you to scrutinize their investments, tax situations, estate planning, and more. Meeting their expectations involves monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on a massive amount of data.

This is next to impossible if you pull data from disconnected sources. Keep reading to understand why traditional reporting methods aren’t up to the task and how a cloud financial management solution like Sage Intacct transforms how you analyze data.

The Problem With Excel

If you use a small business accounting application, you’re relying too much on spreadsheets. Dumping data from your general ledger into Excel and trying to manipulate it is a nightmare: The amount of information is overwhelming, you’re making mistakes, and your data is outdated when you’re done piecing it together. Moving data between systems also poses a security risk.

Advanced Reporting Tools

With Sage Intacct’s custom dashboards and reports, you can ditch the spreadsheets for good. Reporting is catered to your business’s needs and maintained in real-time; advanced reporting tools give you the flexibility to track metrics that matter to your firm. Automation is a massive time-saver, especially when you’re consolidating data from multiple entities.

Customized Everything

The entire Sage Intacct system is customizable, so you only see the information vital to you. You can create multiple dashboards to look at metrics from different angles, and you can drill down into reports and graphs to immediately understand where data is flowing from.

Reports are limitless with Intacct. The system offers over 100 basic reports, such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit and loss statements. You can edit these existing reports to suit your needs or create your own from scratch. Reports are exportable to multiple formats and automatically emailed to designated recipients.

Learn More

Put your spreadsheets aside and take 30 minutes to watch an on-demand webinar featuring Ben Collins and Kelly Gonyea from Sage Intacct. You’ll see Sage Intacct in action and learn how it provides unparalleled financial capabilities.

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