July 05, 2019

How to Meet Customer Satisfaction Expectations Across Your Business Channels.

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A recent industry report from Northridge Group, a business management consulting firm from Chicago, found that businesses consider it challenging to provide personalized and effective customer service. According to the report, 62 percent of customers contacted their business partners multiple times before resolving their customer service issues. Today, consumers have higher expectations for customer service – and when their needs aren’t met, they also have more channels to choose from and more opportunities to seek better experiences.

Pam Plyler, executive practice lead for customer experience at Northridge Group, says customer service continues to grow in importance. As customer preference moves toward web channels to fulfill account management needs, those channels are under greater scrutiny – all while 39 percent of customers claim to find self-service web portals difficult to use.

Enter The Vision33 Customer Portal for SAP Business One

By empowering customers with sophisticated web portal technology, you provide the excellent self-service options modern consumers expect. You also free up resources to concentrate on delivering a higher level of focus and personalized attention to improve your relationships with customers.

The Vision33 Customer Portal gives customers a secure, flexible, and personalized self-service gateway; customers can retrieve and interact with information in a standard web browser. For growing businesses, every second counts – so the limited time you have to provide full service must be spent moving forward, not backpedaling to confirm details about past invoices or provide a paper trail of a shipment en route to their warehouse.

Improve Your Web Channel’s Customer Service

Whether it’s purchasing goods, applying payments, or analyzing payment and order reports, the Vision33 Customer Portal gives your customer 24/7 self-service options with a user-friendly interface. This ensures that when the customer calls to speak with a person, you can optimize those touchpoints to get the most out of the interaction and drive relationships forward with exceptional customer service.

Interested in seeing the solution firsthand? Take the Customer Portal for a test drive and get an in-depth look at what your customers would see and how they would benefit from the self-service options add-on for SAP Business One.

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