October 18, 2023

3 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with ERP

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Improve the Customer Experience with ERP

If you know anything about enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, you know they improve internal business processes.  

Did you know they also improve external processes like customer service? 

Customer expectations seem to rise as quickly as technology advances, but the latest technology—including ERP—lets you take customer service to the next level. 

SAP ERP solutions transform how businesses deliver experiences that earn customer loyalty and drive growth.  

Here are three ways ERP solutions give your customers the experience they deserve. 

Answer Questions Anytime 

Even if your team is small, you can offer around-the-clock customer support by automating processes with artificial intelligence. SAP’s ERP solutions have generative AI technology that produces text, images, and other forms of data-based content.  

Stored data, like answers to frequently asked questions, can be pulled in real-time to meet customer needs—even outside of business hours.  

AI can also gather critical information your employees can use to offer quicker, more efficient assistance and deliver a better customer experience. 

Offer Tailored Services 

Understanding customers’ profiles makes them feel valued, and delivering personalized experiences starts with knowing customers’ information.  

SAP ERP solutions feature customer relationship management (CRM) tools that centralize the customer data your marketing team needs to create more meaningful campaigns and leave a lasting impression on customers.  

And SAP’s CRM tools enable your sales team to improve customer interactions by storing names, addresses, order history, service schedules, and other information that allows them to meet customers’ needs faster and more effectively.  

Enable Self-Service 

SAP ERP solutions are flexible and allow third-party add-ons like Vision33's Customer Portal. Customer Portal improves customer satisfaction by offering a secure, easy-to-use, self-service gateway where customers have 24/7 access to their accounts over the internet. 

Put your customers in control with access to billing, quotes, orders, service calls, and reports anytime, anywhere, from any device. Customer Portal integrates with your SAP ERP system to pull real-time information, enabling customers to see their most recent account activity for a personalized experience. 

How to Improve Customer Loyalty 

Improved customer experiences start with the right technology. Loyal customers are the backbone of your business and implementing an ERP solution and extending it with Vision33’s Customer Portal is the first step toward keeping customers satisfied and coming back. 

Download our case study and read how Vision33’s Customer Portal enabled the small team at FortPro to eliminate the manual processes that stood in the way of good customer service.  

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