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How Wholesale Distribution Software Can Meet Big-Box Retail's Big Expectations

Posted by Vision33 on Wed, Aug 01, 2018 @ 03:00 PM

How-Wholesale-Distribution-Software-Can-Meet-Big-Box-Retailers-Big-ExpectationsThe retail industry is no stranger to change. Small to medium sized business, specifically those focused in the area of distribution, engaged with retail channels, or influenced by the ever-growing Amazon model, have been particularly effected by emerging technology. While their offerings may be drastically different, these businesses all face similar challenges. 

Challenges for Modern Distribution Companies

As retail channels strive to be competitive in the Amazon world they drive innovation and adapt to their trading partners; you the SMB. Cheaper, faster deliveries with high-quality products, and quick delivery times are now considered the standard and not the exception. Vendors push their channel partners, to migrate to newer ERP technology to streamline their processes, drive down costs and expand their businesses without adding unnecessary headcount. 

EDI and the Wholesale Distribution Industry 

So, what does this new push do to the business model of the SMB that’s trying to grow their business, be competitive, and improve profit margins? It forces change, and sometimes a significant change. In most cases, SMBs are required to communicate through an EDI - where all transactions are managed electronically. They’re pressured to provide inventory availability guarantees, drop ship capability, and quality products at low prices.

From an SMB perspective, this can be a significant challenge.

As a business owner, you want to grow and expand your business. While retail and Amazon distribution is an important part of your business - so is your eCommerce where you sell directly to end users who prefer to deal directly with you.

Many SMB’s manage their business with several disjointed solutions. Most have an accounting program, a standalone inventory management system, a CRM in the cloud, an EDI platform with integrations to Amazon or eBay to manage their big box retail client base, and an eCommerce solution – all running completely separate from one another. This can be a recipe for disaster.

How do you manage all these aspects of your business in one platform? A platform that allows your company the flexibility to get the info you need when you need it and scale as you grow? We can think of one.

ERP for Wholesale Distribution

Watch this video to learn how you can address these challenges and how the right technology can help you nurture your big-box retail relationships, make your business run better and drive sustainable growth with SAP Business One.

Watch the Video

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