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Did down-to-earth product design firm humangear need to look to the sky for inspiration to manage fast growth? Yes – but not just the sky: humangear looked to the cloud. Its latest business-changing venture was migrating its operations to SAP Business One Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a scalable business solution and a lower total cost of ownership.

Since 2007, Vision33’s customer, humangear, has put humanity in its products by being down to earth and listening to its customers. But a product design firm that makes meticulous, environmentally conscious, and practical gear that spans categories from the collapsible cup, GoCups™, to evolved flatware, GoBites™, has to be agile. That’s why humangear chose SAP Business One Cloud on AWS.

SAP Business One Cloud on AWS

Humangear leveraged SAP Business One Cloud on AWS for its agility. With SAP Business One Cloud on AWS, humangear migrated from its small business accounting software and launched the entire enterprise application on the cloud for anytime, anywhere access by employees.

Jordan Hurder, Head of Operations and Sales at humangear, has already seen the benefit for this alternative to traditional on-premise ERP deployment. “The guarantees from Vision33 about up time are true. They made promises and delivered. It’s incredibly convenient for staff working off-site at tradeshows or even on vacation. We simply use remote desktop to access SAP Business One Cloud wherever we are.”

By deploying SAP Business One Cloud on AWS, humangear didn’t have to install servers on premise – and there was no need to worry about performance issues from running the system on a virtual machine in their Mac environment. SAP Business One on AWS Cloud was the obvious choice for a company that hasn’t let growth impede its agility.

“We still operate like an agile start-up company – we don’t have an in-house IT department; we contract outside,” says Hurder. “SAP Business One Cloud on AWS enables humangear to keep this model and not incur large in-house IT resource costs.”

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