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Counting inventory usually consists of two steps:

  1. Counting the actual inventory
  2. Identifying inconsistencies and taking respective action

Regardless of how often you count your stock, inventory tracking or inventory counting is an essential management activity required to determine profit, optimize production and purchasing and prevent shrinkage.

When you use SAP Business One, you can perform these tasks using the inventory counting transactions. This feature can be found under Inventory > Inventory Transactions > Inventory Counting Transactions.

The Inventory Counting window allows you to initiate a dynamic inventory counting process performed by single or multiple counters. The option of multiple counters allows you to validate results by comparing different counters, or summing up results of several counters.

You can conduct the counting for a selected range of items – either by choosing items recorded in SAP Business One or importing items from a pre-prepared Excel file, adjusting counted quantities, and much more.


Inventory Posting in SAP Business One

If gaps are found during the inventory count, use the inventory posting function to create a document that notes the discrepancy and reconciles the quantities.

  • To create an inventory posting document based on the current inventory counting document, in the Inventory Counting window, choose the COPY TO INVENTORY POSTING 
  • To start on a blank inventory posting document (by choosing items recorded in SAP Business One or importing items from pre-prepared Excel file), open the INVENTORY POSTING window directly.


Inventory counting is available for SAP Business One 9.0 or newer for either MS SQL or HANA platforms.

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