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“Line busting” is the latest retail buzzword. It’s implications for the way people buy and sell products is tremendous. Line busting with the help of a mobile POS system makes it possible for roving sales staff to complete their purchases anywhere in the store and offering a low-friction shopping area like this in your luxury goods store can only serve to improve customer engagement.

A handheld mobile POS system helps to expedite purchases and has already been proven to work well in high-end luxury goods stores, sporting goods and furniture stores.

Timely Service Improves Customer Engagement

Affluent customers want to shop to their own schedule. When they’re leisurely browsing, they don’t want to be rushed and when they’re in a hurry (which they usually are), retailers need to ensure that both the shopping experience and the checkout experience are as streamlined as can be.

Perception and timing are key here. The best retailers will know their top customers well enough to know when to lavish a good few hours of attention on them, and when to help get them out the door quickly.

Meeting your affluent customers’ expectations is guaranteed to have greater reaching consequences than merely a once-off purchase since every encounter is a building block in your service reputation – and reputation matters when it comes to influencing repeat business. In fact, 84% of U.S. shoppers tend to take a retailer’s reputation into consideration before shopping with them.

How to Achieve a Balance: A Mobile POS System

To achieve that balance between rapid checkout and attentive service, you need a capable mobile POS system. It’s the perfect way to empower your staff to provide informed and rapid services whenever and wherever your affluent customer desires.

But There’s More To It

According to the National Retail Foundation, a mobile POS system can reach beyond line busting and help to educate customers, too. Customers looking for a model with different features or even a specific item can be shown images and specs for products that may not yet be on the sales floor but which they can order for delivery, further improving the customer experience.

Line busting tools in high-end retailers also mean that customers will have access to reviews, product suggestions and accessories in real time.

For the savvy retailer, a mobile POS system creates the chance to greatly increase the customer experience and ensure repeat business.

For more information about Mobile POS and how it would benefit your retail company, download the SAP Business One for Retail brochure.

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