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Make the Holiday Season Bright with the Right Technology

Posted by Emily Warren on Fri, Dec 12, 2014 @ 10:57 AM

photodune-8797594-businessman-ready-for-christmas-xsIts two weeks before the holiday season rush and there is never a better time to impress your customers with your range and selection of products. Developing loyalty among customers and engaging them can foster a long-term relationship, especially if you can meet their needs around the bustling holiday season. Promotions and frequent sales offers will drive your customers back to your store, but what truly makes customers loyal?

Loyalty programs have been around for decades. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to offer something of real value in return for the useful data that you collect from your customer. Today, savvy consumers have high demands from retailers no matter what their size. Shoppers want to shop at their own convenience. At the same time, they expect personalized offers, high product availability and assortment, and rich product information to enhance their shopping experience.

So, how do you get truly loyal customers and is this even possible in the online market place of boundless choices and high competition? Once shoppers are actively engaged in your loyalty program, you need to make use of the information you are collecting wisely. This supply of customer data, collected in the shopping carts of customers is an opportunity for you to personalize your marketing messages and make more relevant to your customer.

While what people choose to buy won’t tell you everything, it can give you a good insight into what related products or services your customers are likely to want to learn more about. In order to fully utilize this supply of data, you’ll need to leverage the right technology that integrates with your loyalty program. With an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you can access reports that will allow you to easily recognize customers’ buying habits and reward them for repeat business.

SAP Business One for retail platform provides retailers with the ability to bring in loyal customers more often and bring in more to your existing customer base. Retailers can identify, track and understand customer buying patterns. Designed to significantly improve customer retention, retailers are armed with the right data and an insight into consumer psychology, so you can create a structured and personalized loyalty program.

Your goal as a retailer is to have a very merry, and stress-free, holiday shopping experience. Learn how growing retailers like yours have kept the season bright through the right technology, read Vision33's free whitepaper, "5 Ways to Succeed in Retail" today.

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