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SAP Business One

SAP Business One'project management module enables users to manage their projects from start to finish by centralizing all project-related transactions, documents, resources, and activities. The feature helps you monitor the progress of tasks, stages, and subprojects, analyze budget costs, and generate reports on project aspects like stage analysis, open issues, and resources. 

This article highlights several use cases for project management in SAP Business One version 10 that Vision33 customers find helpful. 

SAP Business One 10 Project Management Overview 

While most project management solutions focus on external or customer-facing projects, SAP Business One also focuses on internal projects. This is invaluable for customers experiencing fast growth. Also, projects can have subprojects with further subprojects (and so on) to support a detailed work breakdown structure based on the project's scope. 

Use Case for Internal Project Management in SAP Business One 

Customers leverage SAP Business One's project management module for capital buildouts or major shop-related repairs to keep projects on time and on budget. Whether your project is internal, shop floor-related, or external, the ability to generate a project profit & loss statement provides complete visibility of project-related tasks. The project management module in SAP Business One further extends the already available project costing capabilities. 

It's possible to put an entire budget into SAP Business One by phase and task to track labor, materials, and outside contractor charges against the budget to see where they are with the project. Subproject budgets roll up to top-level project budgets, providing a detailed view of actuals to budget reporting. Coupled with SAP's alerts and automated notifications, project budget exceptions can be brought to light as they occur. 

See the Big Picture With New Project Management Enhancements 

To ensure timely completion of projects, SAP Business One allows project managers to assign tasks to employees and monitor their status. All project-related employee activities are viewable from the project, providing a single source of record with a very concise "big picture" view. 

 Data is an essential input for driving growth, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves and maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Project management in SAP Business One can help achieve these goals because it leverages data throughout the system. 

Gannt Chart in SAP Business One Version 10 

The Gannt chart provides an excellent visual for subprojects, and version 10.0 allows you to move tasks on the project timeline. Useful for scheduling projects and project-related activities, charts also help you assess how long a project should take, determine the necessary resourcesplan the order of task completion, and manage the dependencies between tasks. 

To learn more about project management in SAP Business One version 10, watch our Wednesday Web Chat episode with Vision33 host Carl Lewis.  

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