April 15, 2022

Shipping Logistics Company Gains New Profitability Insights With Sage Intacct

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Ceres Halifax implements Sage Intacct

Ceres Halifax operates the Fairview Cove Container Terminal in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Comprised of 70 acres of land and almost 3,000 linear feet of dock, the terminal has four cranes and a state-of-the-art truck marshalling yard.

Companies hire Ceres Halifax to transfer cargo from ships to their next mode of transportation. Depending on shipping schedules, an average of 150 employees join Ceres Halifax’s 25 corporate staff each week.

An operation of this magnitude requires a modern, flexible software solution built on a true cloud foundation. Continue reading to learn how Ceres Halifax used Sage Intacct to gain new profitability insights and streamline complex financial processes for greater efficiency.

The Challenge

Ceres Halifax used an outdated small business accounting application for years, but the cumbersome platform was no longer adequate. With frustrations mounting, time wasting, and an inability to generate reports showing basic company financial information, a change was long overdue.

As the company’s software contract was set to expire, Ceres Halifax partnered with Vision33 to implement Sage Intacct.

The Solution

Sage Intacct is a flexible, customizable accounting software solution that offers robust technology infrastructure to any organization. Especially appealing to Ceres Halifax was Sage Intacct’s ability to use dimensions, adding superior functionality to the company’s financial management and giving context to its business data.

With Sage Intacct, Ceres Halifax isn’t just saving time, money, and energy—the company now has the real-time information and meaningful reports it needs to make quick, smart decisions about its future.

Learn More

Learn how Sage Intacct has benefited Ceres Halifax and see what the company’s controller says about this powerful solution. Download the full success story below!

Download the Ceres Halifax Success Story