March 17, 2020

Vision33’s Response to COVID-19


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vision33 covid-19 response

At Vision33, our motto of delivering on the promise of technology is more than a slogan. Technology allows us to be nimble in the face of changes and challenges. As news coverage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we at Vision33 plan to support our customers’ efforts in business continuity. By reducing the uncertainty regarding the pandemic’s effects on their businesses, we hope our customers can refocus their energies on providing care, attention, and support to the people around them.

COVID-19: Implications for Businesses

One of the primary concerns businesses face is whether their business partners can maintain uninterrupted service during a global event like the COVID-19 pandemic. As a dedicated global IT professional services consultancy, Vision33 has employees spread across the globe and has always strived to ensure remote employees – whether working from home or at a customer’s office – can be productive and equal team members.

How Technology Helps Reduce the Business Impact of COVID-19

While many businesses have responded to COVID-19 by closing their doors, we’ve followed recommendations from health authorities by equipping our employees with technologies that allow remote work from decentralized locations. For example, we use Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication between team members and encourage the use of web cams to increase personal interaction.

Regardless of location, all Vision33 employees also have access to the information they need to provide customer support via cloud-based enterprise technologies. As an SAP partner, Vision33 uses SAP Business One Cloud as its business management solution, which provides clear visibility into our customer projects at a time when connectedness is essential to business continuity.

Our project management tool, Smartsheet, gives employees web logins to bring project teams, projects, sales, and reports together, while our file-sharing platform, SharePoint, facilitates team collaboration and offers access to mission-critical files and documents from a web browser.

For our customers, HubSpot inbound marketing, sales, and service software and Zendesk support software offer a recorded history of service and support. These systems allow us to be useful internally and when working with your business remotely. 

What Your Business Can Do in Response to COVID-19

We can advise your business on facilitating team interaction during COVID-19. Some customers are moving their teams to a virtual work-from-home environment. Others are limiting large group meetings or outside vendor meetings.

We will assist your business with whichever steps you choose during this uncertain time and continue to support you and the projects we have in progress through remote technology. We’d also like to offer this well-documented resource for employers: AON's COVID-19 response site.

On behalf of the 400+ employees at Vision33,  we thank our customers for their loyalty and ongoing engagement. Please call on our team – consultants, CRMs, sales, and operational executives – to support your efforts as you work through your response and individual business scenarios caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.