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Anyone who deals with inventory know that managing it is no easy feat. It's a balancing act that requires a lot of time and attention to get it right. Hidden stockouts can frustrate your customers and sales staff, while having excess goods can eat up your cash.

Your inventory management process is only as good as the system you use to support it. If your current systems require manual calculation or are returning data discrepancies between sales, finance, and your warehouse, then you are spending way too much of your company's time and resources on inventory management.

Watch this video clip for a sneak peek of our Achieving Accurate Perpetual Inventory webinar.

Watch the full webinar as we discuss:

  • What is perpetual inventory
  • The differences between periodic inventory and perpetual inventory
  • Why perpetual inventory is necessary for accurate financial reporting
  • Why better inventory management helps satisfy customers
  • How to implement perpetual inventory with the right ERP technology
Whether you are new to inventory management or you just need a refresher, this webinar will give you food for thought as to how you can use perpetual inventory to run a leaner warehouse and deliver a better experience to your customers. 
Watch the Webinar Recording