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27829119_s-1A POS system is the intersection point between you and your customers and no doubt the backbone of your franchise operations. Over the years, the number of point of sale sellers and available features have grown to the advantage of franchisors. But this surplus of choices can make choosing a new system complicated.

3 Points to Consider When Shopping for the Right System

When it comes time to look for a new POS system for your franchise, don’t let it overwhelm you. Here are 3 key points to consider.

1. Inventory

All types of point of sales systems ring up sales while tracking inventory. But a top notch system will let you assess your inventory effortlessly and thoroughly. You need to be able to set up alerts for when items start running low, quickly add new items as they come in and also account for back-orders. You may also need to generate purchase orders that can be sent to your vendors.

2. Functionality versus Ease of Use

In general, the more complex your orders, the more features you are going to need. But it’s also important to consider the time needed to bring your new employees up to speed and how much time is going to be spent training them. A good POS system will offer a healthy balance of both.

3. Your Choice of System Should Grow with Your Needs

If you are currently on a tight budget, begin with a fairly basic setup: franchise-designed POS software running on your PC with a receipt printer and a drawer. As your franchise grows, you can start adding on. Perhaps you will need a credit card reader or bar code scanner and then you can add an inventory tag printer, PIN debit pad or even a pole display.

Beyond Features and Technology

Security is an important element when choosing a new POS system. These systems have become very advanced and just about limitless in their functionality. It’s essential to ensure your new system is Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) compliant.

All-In-One POS Solutions

Vision33 offers a fully integrated mobile point of sale system. Retailers can contact the dedicated retail team today, on (949) 420-3300, to discuss their store’s POS needs.