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3 Strategic Ways to Maintain a Steady Cash Flow and Leverage Online Selling with Customer Portal

Posted by Sarah Humphries on Mon, Apr 27, 2020 @ 03:26 PM

3 strategic ways to leverage online selling with Customer portal - no button

More businesses are discovering innovative ways to help others during these strange economic times. With customers moving online in response to the recent world restrictions, companies must learn how to quickly launch an eCommerce business. As you work toward this digital transformation, here are three strategic ways to maintain a steady cash flow when leveraging online selling with Vision33’s Customer Portal.


Accommodate Your Customers with Online Ordering

With many businesses operating from home offices, there’s been a massive switch from in-store ordering to online ordering. With Customer Portal, you can cater to your existing customers by giving them the tools they need to place quotes and orders conveniently through a web browser, 24/7.

With recent restrictions regarding brick-and-mortar stores, many organizations are seeing a dip in sales as they’re required to close their doors. With an online web store like Customer Portal, you can reach customers all around the globe, enabling your brand to travel to countries you’ve only dreamed of.

Leveraging online selling gives you better control of your operations with methods to manage your brand, marketing, and KPIs. You’ll also have a new platform to manage your items, inventory, and special pricing more easily. Most importantly, you can accommodate your customers with the unique buying experience they’re used to – but now online.


Stay Flexible with Multiple Payment Options

Online selling allows you to earn income any time of day, but you must be flexible with existing customers and their payment methods. Many customers who pay with cash or check cannot get to the office or bank to access those resources.

Through digital transformation using Customer Portal for SAP Business One, you can equip your business to accommodate customers with ACH-based or credit card payments to simplify their process burden. Unlike a physical store, you don’t need customers on-site to make money – you can earn income 24/7 by giving your customers access to an online web tool integrated with your ERP.


Be Competitive with Reporting & Analytics

An eCommerce store like Customer Portal keeps your business competitive. You can also add a layer of competitive edge by utilizing the portal to publish real-time reporting and analytics about important account information. With role-based reporting, you can give customers a unique buying experience while also staying up to date on your inventory, billing, order history, and more. As a web solution, your customers can access this information anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

By giving your customers real-time access to SAP Business One via Customer Portal, you’re giving them the tools they need to be more self-sufficient. When you’re strategic about giving customers secure online access to their account information, you strengthen the relationship and give them an innovative way to interact with your business.

To learn more about leveraging online selling and maintaining a steady cash flow with Customer Portal, click here to watch a video demonstration.

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