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 sap business one reports

Have you ever heard the story about the intern who was given free rein to evaluate business software for his employer? Management was taken aback when they discovered the potential that enterprise resource planning (ERP) and real-time reporting dashboard offered their business to improve. After watching a live ERP demo, not only were they surprised by how easy it was to query information, they could also better facilitate regulatory compliance, track shipments across the supply chain, or better still, gauge the financial pulse of the organization. 

Flash forward to 2017, and you’ll find that surprise has been replaced with expectation. Today’s business world expects that business people are fortifying their decision making with timely data regardless of where they are. 

Enter SAP Business One. A robust ERP solution that allows users to generate accurate, real-time reports that facilitate faster and more informed decisions. With flexible reporting parameters, you can schedule reports and define who should be receiving those reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence, or you can generate reports as you need them. Create customized reports to access data from multiple sources so that you can save your employees time, money, and effort when it comes to report generation.  

Since SAP Business One is such a comprehensive tool, some business managers may not be aware of how easy it is to query reports on virtually any data stored in the system. Here’s a list of 3 useful reports in SAP Business One that are not only quite useful but also easy to use: 

SAP Business One Aging Report 

The Accounts Receivables Aging Reports in SAP Business allows users to gauge their financial health of their customers, determines how long an invoice has been outstanding and provides a financial insight into your business and your customers. In addition, users can see customers with zero balance, as well as those customers who are creating risk to your business.  

Find out how you can run an aging report in SAP Business One. 

Price Report 

Do you ever wonder how products are discounted when you're generating or viewing a sales order? In SAP Business One, users can view pricing and discount rules by accessing the Price Report. The Price Report provides a comprehensive view of all discount rules and it can be accessed from the price field in the document.  

Learn how to pull a price report in SAP Business One by reading this document.  

Inventory Counting 

The Inventory Counting feature in SAP Business One enables users to control their inventory counting process across their entire business, and generate up-to-date inventory reports to optimize your entire business operations from sales to distribution.  

Whether you count your inventory once a month or once a year, SAP Business One allows users to count their inventory on a periodic basis on a monthly, weekly or yearly basis with single or multiple counters. 

See more on inventory counting in SAP Business One. 

Seeing how business data can be leveraged has a transformative effect on an organization, as it did in the intern’s employer. Register for our next SAP Business One demo for a detailed look at more useful reports in SAP Business One and how easily they can be leveraged to the benefit of your business. 

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In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about more useful reports in SAP Business One, visit the Vision33 Tips and Tricks for SAP Business One page.